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Blocked Drains


Blocked drains can cause severe problems and lead to flooding, property damage and even many health problems. Whether it’s a blocked sink drain, shower drain, toilet, sewer or any other blocked pipe, we’ve got you covered. We even cover internal sewer blockages and external storm water drain issues.

Give us a call today to fix your blocked drain issue.

Leaking Taps


Leaky taps can end up costing you a lot of money and it is always best to get onto the small dripping leak before it gets worse. Generally with age, taps and faucets become worn and begin to leak. Whether it’s as simple as a new washer or finding a big water leak in your yard, we can fix your leak! No job too big or small.

Hot Water Units


Do you have a new hot water system to install? Maybe your current hot water system leaks? Or maybe you’re just not happy with your water pressure? Our team of experts in household plumbing and gas can fix your hot water system or install you a new one. 

Appliance Installation


We can install the following appliances that need plumbing and gas connected: 

Roof Plumbing


Storm season in particular and the amount of rain the Sunshine Coast gets each year can cause havoc on your roof plumbing. We can assist with roof leak repairs, gutter repairs and leaking whirlybirds. Contact us today to see if we can help you.

Burst water mains


Burst water mains are no fun for anyone. If you have a burst water main emergency please call us today to repair it asap. Whatever the size of the leak or burst pipe, we have the skills and equipment to fix it.

Renovation Works


If you’re renovating your bathroom or kitchen and need some new plumbing installed, we’re the team for the job! We have extensive experience in new plumbing ware installation and have exceptional attention to detail to ensure you’re new space both functions well and looks top notch! 

Toilet Plumbing


Not our favourite part of the job but unfortunately we are well experienced in unblocking toilets, fixing leaking toilets or running water problems in your toilet. Toilet issues are not only very annoying and smelly, they can be extremely hazardous to your home and health. Give us a call to get it fixed asap! 


Sewer Conversions


Connecting new sewer systems and converting old systems is one of our specialties. We have vast experience in residential, industrial and commercial sewer systems and can answer any questions you might have about the pros and cons of different setups.

Septic Tanks & Leach Drains


If you need either setup or maintenance servicing of your septic system and leach drain, contact us today. We have loads of experience in both the planning and processes regarding these waste systems and can talk you through what is needed and the best practice for your maintenance. 

Gas Appliances


Gas ovens and gas stove tops, gas heating, gas hot water systems and gas BBQ’s… we’ve got you covered. We can install these gas appliances as well as service and maintain them. We are licensed gas technicians and can fit you in quickly. 


Gas Leaks


Leaking gas is a serious hazard in the home or workplace and if you notice a leak we suggest you do the following asap: 

Quick Service On Emergency Call - 24/7

For any of your emergency plumbing needs including water and gas leaks, please call on the number below.

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